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India Luxury Train Tour
Indian railways offer you a hoat of options when you choose to explore India by train. There is the most exclusive and royal - 'palace on wheels', which takes you into the world of royal life. Then there are fast and comfortable Rajdhanis and Shatabdis. Besides, there are hundreds of trains available which covers almost whole of India. We, therefore, offer you an exclusive opportunity to see and explore India with Indian Railways, which is the most enduring symbol of British Raj. We as your Travel Agent to India would strive to make you aware of India that is spellbounding, exotic, and full of oriental charms.
The Fairy Queen
The Fairy Queen Express
Tours duration : 03 days and 02 Nights
Place Covered : Delhi - Alwar - Rajasthan - Sariska
Arrival in Delhi

Day first will be arrivel of Delhi, our tour executive will receive tourist at the airport and then transfer to hotel. First night stay will be in Delhi.

The Fairy Queen Express

First time The fairy queen rolled out in the year 1855 by East Indian Railway(ER), and this service start again in Feb, 1997 from Delhi to Alwar (Rajasthan). As we know that fairy queen Esteem engine was the oldest in all over world, and it gets National Tourism Award also registered themselves in Guinness Book of world Records. The Fairy Queen with the privileged ones abroad reaches the picturesque town of Alwar in Rajasthan the same day, from where the guests are taken to Sariska Tiger Reserve for an overnight stay. Taking 50 passengers, from around the world, the Fairy Queen train tour is a journey of lifetime, from Delhi to Alwar.

fairy queen express Fairy Queen Attractions

Jeep Safari in Sariska
Early morning w'll start sighting the Tiger. The entrance to Sariska, the home of Indian Tiger is 7.00 am. A time when the Sun starts spreading its forceful presence on men and animals below. Peacocks, to the plenty, inhabited the forest. The prettiest are the young ones. Blue bull families, can be seen swishing their tails or munching on a high bush. Spotted Deer can be seen lazing around, not at all in a mood to jump and hop away. While the Wild Boars seem quiet content with the company of the Sambhars in the morning hours.
While scouring the jungle pathways, ducking under low branches, from an open jeep to the right and left, if one hears a frightened call of a Spotted Deer that confirms the majestic presence of the Tiger and itíll be sheer luck of the tourist to witness the ferocious beast chasing his breakfast. The thrills and pleasures of the wild are indeed more powerful in nature, than those of the civilised world.

City Palace Museum
The City Palace Museum erected in 17th century by Maharaja Vinaya Singh. Though built high and grandiose, age has brought signs of decay. The durbar hall is still kept with its gold work intact, for use during ceremonial occasions. The most outstanding of exhibits is a group of 18th century Mughal Miniature Paintings, based on classical music Ragas. Each depicts the transformation of nature brought about when the raga is sung - the effect on clouds, wind, sky, human moods of that particular raga - so aptly that they singularly classify as a work beyond parallel.
The others are ancient, priceless manuscripts and the arms of the bygone era - a surprising presence are the swords of Emperor Akbar and Jehangir with their pictures engraved upon them. The Egyptians had presented a sword to Hazrat Ali 1400 years after the event, and the sword can be seen at Alwar, bird-shaped wooden barber kits are amusing. The most awesome is, however, the Zirahbakhtar (armour) of Muhammad Ghauri, the legendary invader. Each small iron piece of the woven armour has verses of the Quran inscribed upon it, perhaps for granting him protection.

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